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Our Mission

STIGI-X was incorporated with one goal in mind; to eradicate Stigma from seeking and accessing health services, especially for chronic or terminal illnesses. We specialize in Pharmaceutical Courier and Transport Services that bring health services, products and supplies close to you in the safety of your own environment.

With innovative new approaches and IT solutions to make booking and tracking easier, our team provides professional and friendly patient centered approach to health services delivery.
Who Started Stigi-X and Why?

Who started Stigi-X and why?

Uganda has been at the forefront of the fight against the HIV pandemic for decades and yet stigma and ostracization remain one of the key barriers that continues to stall some of the key targets in HIV care and access to services and products, like ART for People Living With HIV as well as other lifelong illnesses.

At STIGI-X, our mission is to reverse this trend by making drugs and other services available, and easily accessible through private courier delivery at locations convenient for our clients. STIGI-X is a brainchild of likeminded individuals that are passionate about social justice and inclusion through access to quality healthcare and other services.

What we stand for

STIGI-X seeks to normalize and humanize quality healthcare for all chronically ill patients without feeling the need to explain themselves or carry the burden of guilt every time they seek health services.