• On demand shopping and delivery services throughout Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.
• Reliable, convenient and secure pick and drop services throughout Uganda and East Africa.
• Cut costs and time, and reach the market in timely and cost effective fashion. Merchants involved in cross border trade are welcome to discuss how we can be of help.


• Coffee Tours. Meet the pleasant and charming rural folk that grow the world renowned, gourmet Elgon Arabica Coffee. Get to experience the day to day village life of the local community as your guide explains to you the role of coffee in fighting poverty.
• Community Tourism. Visit a Ugandan Homestead. Empower rural women. Improve livelihoods. Support village projects.
• Mist Ranges Conservation. Restore stream and river banks by participating in planting Bamboo in the Mt Elgon region in Uganda.


• Helping students find their perfect school match; stress-free!
• Our experienced school placement consultants will provide guidance to you and your child throughout the application process.
• Advisory services on potential career paths and available institutions.
• Student recruitment.
• Short training courses.
• Internship placements.


• Data collection
• Data entry
• Translations and Transcription
• Study participant mobilization